Monday, September 28, 2015

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Semestral Break Vacation II 2014

Before we've reached the Bubuan Island, we had passed through Jolo, Sulu and Siasi, Sulu. From Zamboanga, it will stop for awhile in Jolo to move out those people whose staying in Jolo then get the passengers those are travelling to Siasi or Bongao. Next destination is Siasi, Jolo where we were going. My father-in-law with his speed boat are already there to get us and moved us to the island.
Jolo, Sulu port area
Jolo, Sulu port area
Siasi, Sulu
Siasi, Sulu
For your information, I am a Tausog, people who lives or originally from Sulu are called Tausog. I am 3/4 Tausog and 1/4 Siamal. Siamal not Samal. I mean thou its the same, it has a big differences or just simply, we're Hybrid! (Haha!) My mom is half blood Sinama from Simunul got from his Dad. I am proud on my tribes!

my baby Quernivbie in Siasi, Sulu

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bubuan Island- My Semestral Break Vacation

Assalamualaykum! For how many days, finally! I'm back. We just arrived yesterday night. I got so dizzy and I vomitted because the current really strong and you can really feel it in the ship. We took our ride on the ship of MV Lady Mary Joy. Compared to another ships who travelled from Zamboanga City-Jolo, Sulu- Siasi, Sulu and to Bongao, MV Lady Mary Joy is the fastest one. Because they don't stay a long time in one place like what other ship does. They just get passengers for about 30mins to 1hr only and move. Unlike others, they will stay for about 3-4hours. Other thing that made this ship better than the other are: the comfort room is clean, its not messy, especially in te room of aircons (I don't know what to call it. Peace!) and they have a water supply, they don't cheat people with sea (Haha!); they have bedding room-like. You really have your privacy in there. :) Anyway, this is my story. Last October 28 of this year, I spent my semestral break in my in-laws, in the Bubuan Island. Actually, they are from Siasi, Sulu but my Mother-in-law is a teacher in this island and my father-in-law do business there too. Fishing and drying fish and sell it to a larger factory whose business are all about sea. Because Bubuan is just near to the Siasi, about 2-3hours of travelling in a handmade boat with engine from Siasi to Bubuan. They moved in to the island about 25 years ago.
Bubuan Island

Bubuan Island is an unknown island. No one knows this island only few, me either. They are only few people lives here but then its peaceful. Bubuan is an island with mountains surrounds it. They are full and satisfied with the food they can get everywhere in the island. In the mountain wherein there's a of different kinds of fruits, vegetables. In the sea, where you'll be able to catch different species of fish. Those big one, the expensive one, squids, octopus, skate and many more. You will really get your appetite satisfied with all of it. The people hospitality makes you feel like you're from that island too. They are giving and sharing fishes, fruits and vegetables. They will meet you on the way with a smile. The people here speaks Siamal Language. For example, "Ayi?" means What; "Angay?" means Why and many more. I'm not too familiar with their language though I spea Siamal too but our language do have some differences in accent, in words and spelling, what in our Siamal is "Iyan?" not "Ayi?". If you wanna know more siamal language or curious, message me. Duh? Hehe. Sometimes, when people talked to me I just smile and say "Ahh" and "Aha or Oo" which means Yes.
Kagang Sukay (Crabs)

Kanuus (Squid)

Istah Pugut 
These are just few of seafoods in the Island which are shared, gave by the neighbors to us. Some are selling but in very very low price. The last picture of a fish we called it "Pugut" in our language, I don't know its English name. There's only 3 major problems with this Island. (1) It is always hot weather in there with a combination of the sea that will surely turns you to black. They used Solar Energy to conduct electricity that will open up a light, a fan, DVD player but some also has their own generator. (2) Lack of Water problem. People need to go to Siasi just to get tap water there because there's no water supply in the island. Its our drinking water, for washing of clothes, daily bathes and in ayir before performing our muslim prayer. We need water, right. (3) What I hate the most! The Mosquitoes! There's so many mosquitoes coming starting from 6pm to 10pm. And will return on 4 oclock in the morning. One time, my brother joke that Mosquitoes are doing fasting, they will make Bukah when 6pm up to 10pm and rest. And when 4am strike they will for their Sahur. Haha! But suck! I'll be losing one glass of blood per night.

Monday, October 27, 2014

When Boredom Strikes

When boredom strikes you, what you're going to do in able to escape from it? Sleep? Watch TV? Surf the net? Go shopping? Bond with friends? Well me? I just stay at home. Applying make-up, inventing new hijab styles and doing selfie. Hahaha! That's so me!
Yesterday, its Sunday, I was really bored (Always on my break day) when my baby is sleeping. I don't have someone to play with. My husband? He's always busy at home, either he's playing DOTA, working with Bubblews, or they are playing basketball. And he's doing more than you ever thought.
By the way, these are the style I have accidentally made. Or  maybe you saw this on Youtube, but I promise, I never did.

This is the first one. I don't name my style because I don't know what to name on it. Lol! And this is the second one.

This style can be use in any social occasions. In a wedding party, birthday party or any. With your earrings on! (Pardon for the dress, because I pin it so my chest wont show. Just mind the Hijab style. Okay? :*

This is the last style I made. See? Isn't it cute? It looks like the second style but I love it more. This is my favorite Hijab style. Though its simple, its curly chuvachuchu on the side made it look more "sosyal". Hahaha! I mean classy and elegant. (Well, just for my eyes, huh.) 

As you noticed to all of these Hijab Styles, the earrings are always on. It looks more sosyal right?

In the picture above, I removed the earrings. See the difference? See how the earring can help you to beautify your outfit and hijab of the day! 

HAHAHA! My funny face. :D Pardon. Good day. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lutong Pinoy Resort


Yesterday, we went to Lutong Pinoy Resort with my batchmates. My former classmates batch 2011. Unfortunately, only 6 came. But its okay, we enjoyed and seized the day thou. Our planned meet up was 9 am. We are Pinoy and we know the Filipino time, we met on 12:30 am and arrived in Lutong Pinoy Resort at 1 pm. We were in town for 3-4 hours, I think.

We ate first before went to swimming. We contributed foods. I brought the Adobo Manok, some brings SLQ Grilled Chicken, Chip and Curls, Softdrinks, Water, and Rice. As what seen on the picture below, that's just what we got. Haha!

We are only Seven (7) and a half. Haha! I bring my baby because I want to see her in the pool. This was her first time to encounter pool. Though we went to her Fathers' Island which is surrounded by the water, still, she wasn't able to swim there. When we got in Lutong Pinoy, she said "Neeeeh!" with clapping of her hands and a smile. I thought she liked to swim too just how she saw the kids in the kids pool. But then, when we went there, she shouted and cried. Everytime I walked near the pool, she cries.

These are some views of the resort. The first picture is the pool for adults. Which depth is 4 ft and the half of the pool is 5 ft depth. The second one is the man-made lake wherein you can do boating there with your friends. I haven't asked how much but I think it cost 100 php for an hour. The yellow thing in the picture is the boat and the bridge-like there is the entrance. You  can see there the parking area and in that area, the Zip-Line is located, it cost 150 php per ride, I think. Not too sure. But I heard  someone talking about it. Lol!

Alghabida in the Lutong Pinoy Resort

HS Batch 2011 Alghabida and Friends

We took some pictures before going home. Pardon for the picture. We just asked some of the helper of the Resort to give us a shot. EPIC! Hahaha. Me with a car? We don't even have one. Hahaha! We just commute. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quotes of Beauty

What the best thing you can wear? Its not what you wear nor make ups you wear. Its the SMILE. Our smile that makes us beautiful without all of those stuffs. Smile with confidence. That's the only thing to let you shine throughout the day. No excessive make ups, no wearing of sexy dresses. And I'm just so proud I am Muslim. I am a Muslimah and a Hijabi. I cover up myself and gain respect. " What beautifies you, is your SMILE!" Just be YOU! Whatever people say, at least you're just being real. Salam!

Saturday, October 18, 2014



Are you familiar with this fruit? Do you know what this fruit is? This is what we called Lansones in tagalog language. And in tausug we called it Buwahan. This is so very yummy and delicious. Its sweet and sour taste good. Some are sweet, some are sour. My father bought 2 boxes of this in Jolo, Sulu, where the great soure of Lansones is there. I don't know the English name of this fruit, therefore I just named it LANZONES to make it more formal, I used Z instead of S. Lol! In case you want some? PM me. I sell some. Lol! Kidding.

See this? We even distribute some to our neighbors. Even the children are coming to our house to ask for it. Muslim people really love this. Even my baby she loved eating Lansones. My hubby and my mommy are Lansones addict. Hahaha!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Respiratory System Drawing

Alghabida Drawing of Respiratory System with label

Assalamualaykum. We are asked to do drawing of system for our requirements. We just need to pick one and explain why we chose it. I chose Respiratory system because of curiousity. There's many things I'm wondering of. Not, exactly wondering, I just wanted to know how, where, when everything happens when we breathe. Respiratory System is made up of the organs in our body that helps us to breathe. Respiration is responsible for our breathing. By breathing, it delivers oxygen to our body and take away carbon dioxide through the process of diffusion. Respiratory played lots of role and functions in our body like it can alter the blood pH by changing blood carbon dioxide level. It filters the air before entering the lungs. The main organ of respiration is our "Lungs". Without the Lungs, we wouldn't able to breathe. If you cant breath, you will die. It allows us to inhale and exhale. When we inhale, our lungs are expanding. When we exhale our lungs is relax. That's why sometimes, we perform inhale and exhale to remove the pressure in us when doing something that makes us afraid. Respiratory system really helps us and we really need it. Without it, we are dead! :)) I know there are some errors but I don't know where. I hate the part wherein I'm going to apply the colors. I don't know how to chose the right colors for it. Hahaha! Alhamdulillah! I already passed it.